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Community Sunday June 2020



You are cordially invited to this month’s Community Sunday (June 21) from 11.00 to 12.30 at Garthdee Field Allotments. With regret there will be no communal coffee and cake session at the close and we will have to observe strict social distancing, while working in small groups, but there is plenty to do safely around the communal areas of the site e.g.

remove bonfire ash and tidy area (nails etc)
weeding South Bank and other boundaries
remove large weeds from wildflower meadow (if any)
pothole filling
orchard tidying (e.g. fruit bushes)
dead heading daffodils
removal of dumped turf
strimming of grass
woodchip management
Looking forward to seeing all who can make it,

Happy plotting, Stuart

Soil Conditioner for sale

Please see the note below which Pat passed on to me from Angus Craig. I’m happy to receive any notes of interest and organise a delivery if that’s possible – i.e. if there is demand is for 80 bags. Stuart (Plot 8)

I have some 100% natural soil conditioner that I’ve been using on our farm and at home in our poly tunnel seeing great results. The conditioner is a by-product of the Buchan Biogas Anaerobic Digestion plant that is on our farm. The conditioner is made from precision chopped plant matter which has had the methane gas extracted from it to supply Peterhead homes with domestic gas. Meaning the conditioner is 100% renewable and better for the environment than artificially produced soil conditioner whilst still providing high levels of NPK.

The conditioner is a great source of organic matter, ideal for improving soil structure and improving plants ability to hold on to moisture, essential in a dry year like this.

This is the only soil conditioner of its kind for sale in Scotland which I am selling for £4/bag for a 20kg bag. So far I have had a few big orders a bit further afield than Peterhead, however if I can fill my trailer (80 bags) I am willing to deliver further afield within Aberdeenshire. It would be greatly appreciated if you could pass on some of this information to allotment reps.

Kind regards, Angus Craig


Site Security

Hi Everyone,

We’ve had reports from some plotters that tools such as hoes a rake and a spade have recently gone missing as well as some specialised plants. We all need to be alert and aware of the possibility of opportunistic thefts.

If you have any security issues please let any member of the committee know.

Please also remember to secure the chain at the site entrance if you think you are the last person to leave the site in the evening. Those who open the overhead barrier should ensure that they close it when they leave, but if you discover that it has been left open inadvertently, please close it.



Community Sundays

With regret we have to cancel our Community Sundays while current circumstances continue and until further notice. Here is a wee reminder of what we will all be missing.

Just call me Chain_Gang Boss: it’s dirty work, but somebody’s got to do it.
Anyone for a little light weeding?
All action stations!
Digging for Victory

Bonfire Guidelines

Plotters will be aware of the Council’s new advice on bonfires on allotments. They have a strict set of procedures which must be followed. These are set out as ACC Regulations accessible via the Advice Tab on this site. Please consult these and follow the rules carefully.

I heard today of another allotment site where a plotter had not followed the advice and as a result had caused considerable nuisance to local homeowners. This resulted in a number of complaints. As you know, the Council has issued a warning that if they start to receive complaints about bonfires they will issue a total ban on all fires on pl0ts and allotment sites.

We can’t say we have not been warned. Please pay due attention.


I want to say a big thank you to all the plotters who turned out to help with the bonfire today. Thanks to the big turnout we were able to make a huge clearance of rubbish in record time.

Getting hotter!
Seemingly endless!

A big thank you to all concerned.

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