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Finger Licking’ Good

Daisy Domeracki checks out Gordon, our Volunteer and gives him the seal of approval.

The carpenters cometh…

Big thanks today to our volunteers, Anja and Gordon for their time and efforts on the carpentry front.  Great job guys!

Getting digging at last

The Volunteer Squad were delighted to be able to get some digging done today when finally the ground frost relented and let us get our spades into action. It was great too to welcome Graham from Plot S1 to his first session with us.

Quatermass and the Pit

We are conducting an urgent review of our Health and Safety procedures after a near disaster for one of our volunteer squad on a plot yesterday.

Photo Credit: Mike Paterson

We had hoped and intended to bury the blooming ejit who asked us to take on this job, but poor Gordon nearly paid the ultimate price.  Luckily, knowing his importance to the squad, the rest of the lads rushed to his aid – just in time.

Remember, you can’t be too careful out there and you never know when a trip or a slip may come your way.


Volunteers Ahoy!

It takes more than a smattering of frost and near Baltic conditions to deter our current volunteers. Thanks to Anne, Gordon and Mike for their efforts today and for making it a barrow load of fun.

Horseless Carriage

Four GFAA volunteers easily match up to one horsepower when there is a job that needs doing.

The Tuesday squad are always on the lookout for something that needs doing.  Give us a shout if you have something in mind.

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