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Volunteers Ahoy!

It takes more than a smattering of frost and near Baltic conditions to deter our current volunteers. Thanks to Anne, Gordon and Mike for their efforts today and for making it a barrow load of fun.

Horseless Carriage

Four GFAA volunteers easily match up to one horsepower when there is a job that needs doing.

The Tuesday squad are always on the lookout for something that needs doing.  Give us a shout if you have something in mind.

Super Troopers!

It takes a lot more than the odd wintry shower to put off our Tuesday Volunteer Squad.  They got well stuck in today removing the whin bushes on the North Bank by the car park.  Thanks to Gordon, Anne and Mike.

Left to Right: Gordon, Anne and Mike

The Shed Squad Strikes!

With a shed to move from A to B on site today, we assembled a crack squad of plotters and volunteers.

Left to right: Grant, Mike, Gordon, Phil, Stuart and Graeme – what a fine body of men!

All went well, but we could have done with a couple of extra handlers when we came to the first corner: we had not realised that we had Lewis Hamilton driving and would be going around on two wheels.

How lucky are we?

The site was looking great in the sunshine this afternoon after lots of hard work to get it ready for our upcoming IYN assessment.  The new Octagon was a real picture.

This cheeky chappie also seemed pleased to be on site and was clearly appreciative of Gordon Mitchell’s efforts on the bird feeding front.

Gordon Mitchell joins us

It’s a great pleasure to welcome our most recent volunteer, Gordon Mitchell.  Gordon joined us a few weeks back and is now a regular on site on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Gordon with Linda MacDonald from Momentum Skills

Meantime Gordon has worked in and around the Community Garden, looking after the raised beds and watering in the poly tunnel.  He has just started work on a new project, installing and maintaining some bird feeders as part of our contribution to the IYN Birds, bees and trees focus for this year.

If any plotters have any feeders or bird tables not in use, please pass them on to Gordon or leave them in the Bothy or Octagon if that is easier.

Please be sure to come over and say hello to Gordon if you see him working.  He will be especially pleased to share ideas for encouraging small song birds on site.


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