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RGU ride to the rescue

Plotters may have noticed that recently the volunteer squad have been struggling to keep up with the frequent wood-chip deliveries and the piles have been encroaching on the paths and car park areas.

So it was great when Colin from RGU offered to bring over their tractor, ‘on the next wet day,’ to push back the piles. Thanks go to Anne (Plot 92a) for facilitating this – and to Colin of course.

Dear Santa, can we please have ….

New Volunteer

We are delighted to welcome Jenny the latest recruit to our Volunteer Squad.

You are likely to see Jenny working on the Community Garden over the coming Summer – please come over and say hello if you do.

Grass Cutting Marathon

Our sit-on mower is currently out of commission following one of its many breakdowns. We finally decided we could not wait any longer before cutting the grass, so there was nothing to be done but tackle it with hand mowers. Luckily our ace volunteer squad were on hand and willing to take it on.

Thanks also go to Ron Plot 65a, John Plot 50 and George Plot 38 and volunteer Jack who helped out, but missed the photo opportunity.

We started at 10.30 and finished at 15.00. A wee reminder of how much effort is required, how dependent we are on the ride-on mower working and how much thanks we owe to George the Grass (Plot 40) who does the cutting week in, week out, through the season.

A Royal Visit

Sorry for the click-bait heading. Nah, as far as I know, there are no plans for Her Majesty to visit us at Garthdee Field (as yet). I believe this year she chose to go to Chelsea instead. Next year perhaps?

However, we can boast a royal connection. Many plotters will have noticed Malcolm working away on the Move More Aberdeen/Macmillan Plot (36b) over recent years. Malcolm’s efforts have been rightly recognised and rewarded by an invitation to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party.

Malcolm reports that this came via Sport Aberdeen who assist MacMillan with their activities and that he was completely surprised as he didn’t feel he did all that much and was helped so much by others. The ‘others’ he says, include the many GFAA plotters without whose friendly support and advice he didn’t think he could have made as good a go of things.

He reports the garden at BP is immaculate with acres of grass, and 7,000 participants were there to enjoy the borders that showed lots of professional care with irises, roses and flowering shrubs in profusion. It made for an excellent day out and an excuse to put his kilt on!

We are Busy Bees at GFAA

Yesterday was perhaps our busiest day ever on Garthdee Field. Proof of the pudding perhaps, that our Active Community Engagement initiative (ACE) is beginning to bear fruit.

We were delighted to host groups from Santander and Momentum Skills as well as our regulars, Mike and Gordon from the Volunteer Squad, with Penny-Louise on hand taking photos. As icing on the cake we had Carol Baxter and a film and drone crew from Beechgrove Garden working on Sophie’s Plot.

The Santander group were on a team-building corporate sponsorship day with staff drawn from far and wide – from Thurso in the North down to Perth in the South. They threw themselves into a special project to renew the paths around the micro-plots and achieved an amazing amount on the day. The Company also paid for many of the materials needed. A huge vote of thanks go to them and the team on the day for all their efforts and to Stephen Bly, Aberdeen City Council’s Community Engagement Officer, who set up the event and helped out with the work.

Photo Credit: Stephen Bly
Photo Credit: Stephen Bly

Momentum Skills were on one of their regular activity days with us and set about a major tidy up of the former MacMillan Plot. Thanks go to Linda and all the gang for their efforts. They are very much appreciated.

Volunteers Ahoy!

Our Volunteer Squad enjoyed a couple of days off site recently helping clear and tidy a garden in Peterculter.

In return the householder was happy to donate a small greenhouse and shed for GFAA use, so it was a case of a real win-win for all concerned. Big thanks go to Stephen Bly, Aberdeen City Council’s Community Engagement Officer for making this possible and all of the arrangements and especially to George on Plot 3 for dropping this own plans to come and give us a hand with the moves yesterday.

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