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TAMS Dividend for 2016

The TAMS – The Allotment Market Stall Project team have been in touch to tell us that we contributed more than ever to their collections and sales this season and so earned a gross dividend of £381.62 which means our GFAA funds benefit to the tune of £286.21 net after the usual deduction to support the TAMS operations.  Needless to say, this makes a great and regular contribution to our funds for essential site maintenance.  Huge thanks are due to all who contributed surplus produce over the year.



The Allotment Market Stall 2016

TAMS is now open for business for the new season!  In case you have forgotten, TAMS – The Allotment Market Stall – is a charity that collects surplus produce from allotment sites and sells them at stalls in and around the city, returning any profit to the providing allotment associations.  Last year we made well over £100 for our funds via TAMS.

TAMS collects from our site on Thursday of each week.  If you would like to donate please leave your contributions in the containers provided outside the Bothy by Thursday lunchtime.  If you can’t get down to your plot at that time, let Norman or me know and we will collect the materials for you and pass them on. Please be specific as to what we should take.

Tip!  Apparently rhubarb is a big seller.  Perhaps you have some going spare?  Let us know and we will collect and pass it on for you.

BBQ in the Sunshine

We got very lucky with today’s BBQ and the weather stayed fine for the duration.  GFAA was pleased to welcome friends from TAMS and The Macmillan Charity on the day.  The raffle and donations on the day raised £210 for Macmillan funds.  Special thanks go to Gill for all her hard work organising things.










TAMS 2016

The Allotment Market Stall (TAMS) is about to start up for another season, following on from the success of last year’s record harvest.  GFAA was pleased to welcome Greg from TAMS on site this week to discuss how best we could help each other to increase contributions and so reduce waste and boost earnings from the scheme.




Allotment Market Stall Update

Cath Pilley has been in touch with an update on The Allotment Market Stall (TAMS) for the coming season.

2015-06-15 at 14.17

“We are really pleased to let you know that we have received funding from Comic Relief to go ahead this summer.
Like last year we intend to kick-start the season with a produce and plants sale at the Highland Games at Hazlehead Park on Sunday 21st June. 
At this time of year most of us seem to have extra plants and rhubarb we don’t need so we sell them on at the stall for people to plant in their own gardens. The proceeds go into the pot for redistribution to providers at the end of the season.
If you have spare plants, rhubarb or any other produce that is surplus, please let us know and we will come and collect it. We will collect on Saturday 20th June during the day. Last year we had a really good choice of plants and produce, it would be great to have the same this year.
2015-06-15 at 14.16
We are also looking for volunteers to help on the day with the added incentive of free entry to the event if you help for a couple of hours on the stall. This is an important event as we begin to let customers know where and when we will be setting up this summer.
Greg and myself will be coming round the allotment sites in early July to talk to gardeners about the TAMS scheme. This year, rather optimistically we are aiming to start on 17th July and run for 12 weeks. We hope this way we will be able to sell some soft fruit at the beginning. 
Greg and myself will be responsible for veg collections this year on Thursdays. We will be coming round with crates in July to get you started and if you would like us to come and talk to your allotment holders, please let us know. We would really appreciate the opportunity to talk to as many gardeners as possible.
There is a slight change of venues this year. Fridays we will be at Duthie Park and Saturdays we will be at Hazlehead Park. We are happy to receive produce at the stall if it is not convenient for you to put veg out for collection on Thursdays.
You will see we now have a website. It is still under construction but we are very grateful to Scotmid for funding it.
Please email us if you have plants and produce for collection next Saturday (20th June) or if you would like to volunteer on the Sunday. We look forward to seeing you all soon.”
We hope GFAA will continue its support for TAMS in the coming season – to the benefit of TAMS, the wider community and GFAA’s funds.

TAMS 2015

You will recall that GFAA participated in The Allotment Market Stall Project over the last two seasons. The project collects surplus produce from allotment sites and sells it off , so spreading the benefits of allotment growing to the wider public.
TAMS have received Comic Relief funding to continue this season and are beginning to plan out how they will work. TAMS will be aiming to build on its success last season and hopes for even more participation. Last year the project made a very helpful contribution to GFAA funds from the sale of our surpluses. All sorts of surpluses contribute – from fancy melons to the humble rhubarb stalk.
Picture 621
The produce will be sold at the Duthie Park on a Friday and Hazlehead Park on a Saturday, the first set up being earlier this year commencing on: Friday 17 July 2015.
Picture 026
Cath Pilley from TAMS is recruiting stall volunteers, therefore, if you would be interested in volunteering for TAMS, please contact her asap.
Click on the TAMS tag on the right-hand sidebar for more information.

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