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Farm and Horse Manure

A number of our plotters have used this service. Thanks go to Gill on Plot 64 for the original contact.  Gill can give you more info if needed.

If you give it a go, please let us know how you get on.


Gone to Seed, Tarland support our primary visits

A number of our plotters visited the very successful Seed Swap Day organised by the Gone to Seed Project in Tarland this last week.  If you missed out this year, you might want to look out for future events.

I visited Lizzy Shepherd from Gone to Seed after the event and I am delighted to say they have provided us, free of charge, with 4 lots of 20 seed potatoes to be used on our Kaimhill Primary Plot this year:

– Nicola (2nd Early)
– Pink Fir Apple (Main)
– Highland Burgundy Red (Main)
– Blue Danube (Main).

The different varieties will enable the children to see rather more than the standard mono-colour boiling or baking potato!

Out thanks go to all at Gone to Seed for this very generous donation.

Enhancing Food Security Research

Karolina Gombert, a research assistant with the, “Enhancing Food Security” Project has been on-site interviewing plotters this week.

The project is funded by Scottish Government and run by the Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen and The James Hutton Institute.



The project is investigating:

  • perspectives on the values, motivations and commitments of people who grow food for personal consumption
  • the extent to which locally grown food can contribute to food security at community and household levels
  • cooperation between food producers and consumers
  • barriers to and facilitators of local food growing.

The researchers hope that their findings will lead to policy recommendations on community-led interventions and programmes to encourage local food growing and greater food security for our communities.

Karolina and her colleagues will provide information on their findings when the project reaches its conclusion and welcome contacts from interested parties.

Invasive Pathogens

This may be of interest.

Parsnip Seed Offer

I hope all our plotters have been enjoying the festive season.  Here’s wishing you a very happy and successful growing season in 2017.

David Penman – plot 55 has saved a large quantity of his own parsnip seed and is happy to share it with other plotters. The variety is Gladiator. Anyone interested in some seed should contact David.


Recycling Plant Pots and Seed Trays

Some recent news from Pat at the Council:

Please find information detailed below via Adrian Atkinson, Representative, Holburn Street, to share with the plotters at your sites.

You may be aware that the Council has started to roll-out mixed recycling facilities and this includes some things that couldn’t previously be recycled locally – including ‘plastic pots, tubs and trays’. I’ve checked with the ACC waste team and this includes plastic plant pots and trays so they can now be recycled rather then put into rubbish for landfill. The new service is currently being rolled out for premises that have on-street recycling/rubbish bins – i.e. flats and tenements, with individual houses to follow at a later date but it does mean that you might have a mixed recycling bin nearby (as we do in Ferryhill) that you could use. Check this link for more details.



Pat Wilson
Project Support Officer

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