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An eye for detail ….

Stuart at work on the Octagon benches

Community Sunday – Huge Thanks!

I’d like to thank everyone who turned out to help on yesterday’s Community Sunday, plotters and friends from RGU and MacMillan – indeed even Mr Toad Jnr!  With so many hands available we got through a tonne of tasks and the new style General Meeting generated all sorts of good ideas for funding, better gardening and wider community engagement. It was super to see so many old hands and new faces on the day.  Thanks to all who managed along and for the bakers and makers who produced such a wonderful spread for the coffee and cake session.

The Great Garthdee Biodiversity Challenge

We hoped Miss Rennie’s Primary 4/5 Class would rise to the biodiversity treasure hunt challenge and find it fun: and of course they did not disappoint.

Getting to the big message, but where are the boys?

Ah, there they are…

So what’s the big message?

Did we have fun? We sure did!















Gardening Scotland Pallet Gardens

Our visit to Gardening Scotland gave us all sorts of good ideas for Primary visit activities next year. Lots of imagination and talent on show.


Welcome Mr Toad

I spotted this toad near my manure pile this week.





It would be great to build up a record of the wildlife that we see on our site.  If you spot something interesting, please let Norman know.  Better still, if you can catch a photo or some video please pass it onto him at gfaawebhelper [at]


Elephant Hawk-Moth – It’s a stunner!



Thanks to David for pointing out this beautiful Elephant Hawk-Moth visiting on his plot recently.   What a stunner! Otherwise known as Deilephila Elpenor (that’s easy for you to say!)

Read more on Wikipedia.

We are keen to build up photos and information about all the wildlife our site supports.  If you have any photos or information about sightings please send them on to me or Norman.


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