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Amazing Kiwi Fruits on Plot 23

Thanks go to Val on Plot 23 for this story.

Perhaps I ought to start by saying this is not an April Fool’s Day story. :-)

This is Val’s recent harvest of Kiwi Fruits grown on her plot outside against her south-facing wall.

Photo Credit: Val Milne

She says the fruits are small but perfectly formed and have made a delicious jam rich in and vitamin C.

Photo Credit: Val Milne

Photo Credit: Val Milne

And there was me thinking I had done quite well with my Blueberries!  I am not sure what this tells us. Are Kiwi Fruits hardier than we might have imagined? Is this more evidence that our local climate is indeed changing? Maybe, of course, it’s just a matter of excellent gardening! In any case, congratulations go to Val for a stunning result.

Has anyone else something a bit exotic to share?


Dodgy Geezers Alert

These two well dodgy characters were spotted yesterday.

They appeared to be trying to sneak a stolen tractor on site.  Where they had hidden the rest of the tractor we are not sure.  However, they were entirely brazen in their efforts and looked pretty determined. It appeared that one was providing the muscle while the other was the brains behind the scheme. They were described as being adult males, Caucasian, but with the mental age of 10-year-olds. Plotters are asked to inform the authorities if they are seen again but advised not to approach them.  You can’t be too careful. I am sure Anne and Susan would agree.

Magic Moments and Butterflies

One of the joys of being on site at this time of year is catching sight of these visitors.

Sedum seems to attract them in huge numbers.  I counted a dozen on this plant at different points in the day.

Ah well, their days are numbered down to precious few I guess, but they certainly add more than a little magic while they are with us.

I’ll have Sedum to split for the coming season: if you’d like one let me know.  You will have to find your own butterflies, however: these are hefted to my plot – I hope!

New beginnings and new enthusiasts

It’s that time of year when plots begin to change hands.  All around the site there are signs of new plotters bringing extra energy to their newly acquired plots.  This wee detail on one caught my eye today.

It’s a reminder that identifying your plot (which is a Council requirement) can be very attractive and effective without being expensive.


Our wild flower area has been simply stunning for weeks now.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the hard work to get it re-established this year and especially Michael who kept faith with the original idea of a wild flower garden after the difficulties of our first efforts.

How lucky are we?

The site was looking great in the sunshine this afternoon after lots of hard work to get it ready for our upcoming IYN assessment.  The new Octagon was a real picture.

This cheeky chappie also seemed pleased to be on site and was clearly appreciative of Gordon Mitchell’s efforts on the bird feeding front.

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