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Sweet Pea for Remembrance

Dobies have a rather special offer on a present.

It would be very nice to see splashes of these around the site.  Don’t forget, plotters can save 40% when they use our unique GFAA Discount number when ordering.  Pick up your catalogue copy from the Octagon.  Details below.

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Bargain Seeds for GFAA Members

Fence Posts

Thanks go to Arshia on Plot 85 for this post and tip-off.

Recently I  have contacted a gentleman (Doug) – who is selling more than 500  1.8m posts through Gumtree (In Dyce, Aberdeen) with the very attractive price ( 0,75p each). I personally got a few of these posts and I am planning to buy more over the next weekend.  I thought maybe plotters might be interested in this opportunity.
Doug said he can even deliver any (bulk) collective order with his own trailer or you can arrange collection from his place.
This is the link to his advert on Gumtree:
I have the seller’s contact details and can share it with you.  Email me for details arshiakhatir [at]


Tool Time

We have some new additions to our stock of tools which can be borrowed by any plotter.

These were very kindly donated by Anne, an Aberdeen resident who is soon to move into a new home where she will no longer need them. Anne contacted us via the website.

The tools are now available in the GFAA tool store by the micro plots. Ask any plotter if you need to know access details.   The pots and trays have been left by the bothy for uplift by anyone who can use them.

Community Empowerment and Funding

My thanks to Stephanie Morrison from RGU for alerting me to this very interesting article on possible funding sources, but just how much work is needed to secure them.

FCBG Plant Sale

New Camera

With funding from Aberdeen Greenspace we have been able to buy a Nikon Coolpix P900. This is a consumer style camera, so easy to use, but especially designed for taking closeup shots of flowers and insects and longer range wildlife photos.  Our bid to AG stressed use to improve the quality of wildlife and nature pictures on our website.


The P900 can be borrowed and used by any association (GFAA) member willing to take photos for website publication.  If you can help taking some photos please contact Norman (Plot 81) in the first instance to arrange to borrow the P900.  I’ll be pleased to offer a wee introduction to its features if necessary.

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