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Dobies Update September 2019

GFAA’s funds will benefit to the tune of £30 from the Dobies Group Discount scheme this year. That is based on 11 orders received from plotters. That is quite a bit down on last year, but means that we will still be allowed to participate in the coming year. However, the current discount code is now suspended by Dobies for accounting purposes. A new code will be issued in the near future.

I suggest we give the scheme another go in the coming year and see if its popularity and use pick up. Opportunities to get 40% off seeds and 10% off other items on a regular basis are few and far between.

Thanks to those you took part this year.

Planks, planks, planks

The volunteer Squad were on maneuvers today on a mission to source us some more scaffold planks.

Ron, Mike and Gordon working as hard as ever

I am pleased to report it was mission completed by the end of the day. If you are interested in topping up your stock, please contact Ron (Plot 65A) or on 07818413999  to arrange delivery.

Fruity Research Opportunity

Dr Nigel Hoggard from the University of Aberdeen has been in touch asking if we could help him recruit volunteers to take part in his Fruit Bar Study. This research project investigates the effect of fruit bars on sugar levels in blood. Further details are available on the study’s website.

Fruit Cages for Sale

With regret, Allan (Plot 46) has decided circumstances mean he has to give up his plot. Allan has two fruit cages which he is putting up for sale at very good prices. You will find details posted by the entrance to his plot and in the Octagon. Contact Allan on 07918707801 or for further details.

Miracle Compost Maker

Want to add some oomph to your homemade compost? Need to add some extra heat to your pile to kill off those pesky weed seeds?

GFAA plotters can use this super-dooper-compost-enhancer-material entirely free of all charges.

Feel free to collect as much as you like every week after George cuts the grass. Or if you prefer, it’s available for only £49.95 per barrow load with free delivery to your plot.

Seed Potatoes Available

We have a goodly number of nicely chitted seed tatties available for plotters to use. Varieties include: Blue Danube, Rooster, and two types of Sarpo. These are available from the Seed Swop area in the Octagon. Please help ourselves.

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