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Introducing Rory Raitt

We met Rory on his first visit on site today.

Rory is a professional photographer here in Aberdeen and is interested in using Garthdee Field as the focus for a Photo Essay with the intention of celebrating allotments as important green spaces.

I am sure all plotters will give Rory a warm Garthdee welcome when he is next on site. But don’t pester him too much for portraits of your prize parsnips!

New Dobies Catalogue and Code

Autumn’s here and so is the new Dobies’ Seed Catalogue. Copies are now available in the Octagon.

New plotters may not be aware that GFAA is a member of the Dobies’ Group Scheme. Under this scheme, GFAA plotters get a 40% discount on all seeds ordered by post, online or by telephone, or 10% on all other non-seed orders. (Please note this is Dobies with one “b” and not Dobbies – the garden centre with the local branch in Aberdeen.

To get the discount you must quote the unique to GFAA code when you place your order. Forget to use the code as you order and no discount is possible. The current code is available with the catalogues in the Octagon. Past codes will no longer work. If you can’t get by the Octagon, but want to order online, drop me an email and I will send the code by return (

GFAA gets a payment of 10% of all orders placed for our funds, making this a win-win for plotters and the Association. Orders go directly to your home address in individual deliveries. What’s not to like?

Dobies Group Scheme Bonus

GFAA funds have benefited to the tune of £30.87 from our Dobies bonus payment for the season ending September 2019. That is a wee bit down on last year, but still makes a welcome contribution to our funds: you know what they say – every little helps.

Please note that our new catalogues and plotter’s discount code will be issued in the next few weeks, but in the meantime the old code will NOT work. Please wait for the issue of the new code before ordering.

Next year will be the third year we have been members of the scheme. The arrangements are the same. Plotters receive a 40% discount on all seed orders and 10% on other items bought and GFAA get a 10% bonus payment on the total value of the orders placed.

Seed Swapping – online

Michael Knight got in touch recently asking is anyone would be interested in joining a free to use an online seed swap website he has developed.

Sounds like a good idea? Check it out for yourselves via the link above.

Dobies Update September 2019

GFAA’s funds will benefit to the tune of £30 from the Dobies Group Discount scheme this year. That is based on 11 orders received from plotters. That is quite a bit down on last year, but means that we will still be allowed to participate in the coming year. However, the current discount code is now suspended by Dobies for accounting purposes. A new code will be issued in the near future.

I suggest we give the scheme another go in the coming year and see if its popularity and use pick up. Opportunities to get 40% off seeds and 10% off other items on a regular basis are few and far between.

Thanks to those you took part this year.

Planks, planks, planks

The volunteer Squad were on maneuvers today on a mission to source us some more scaffold planks.

Ron, Mike and Gordon working as hard as ever

I am pleased to report it was mission completed by the end of the day. If you are interested in topping up your stock, please contact Ron (Plot 65A) or on 07818413999  to arrange delivery.

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