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Calling all snappers!

The Royal Horticultural Society has teamed up with the Sunday Times to offer a new photo competition, encouraging young and old to get outside and, ‘record how enriching and inspiring gardens and plants can be.” It is free to enter, and there is a prize of £5000 for the overall winner, and a secondary award goes to the winner of each of nine categories.

The categories include:
Welcoming Garden Wildlife
Celebrating Gardens
Pure Plants

A Portfolio category is for six images in a series or based on a single theme or style of photo.

Submit your entries via the RHS Website by 10.00am 1 March 2018. Full details are available on the RHS Website.  How nice would it be if Garthdee Field could feature in some of the winning photos!

Horseless Carriage

Four GFAA volunteers easily match up to one horsepower when there is a job that needs doing.

The Tuesday squad are always on the lookout for something that needs doing.  Give us a shout if you have something in mind.

Proper “Old School” Plotting

The volunteer squad were passing Tuesday past when we spotted this plot.

It turns out it belonged to Bill Noble and unfortunately, he has decided it’s time to give up the plot after many, many years with us and move on to follow other interests.  As you can see Bill was very traditional in his methods, digging his plot from end to end back to black earth over the winter months.  He was also, of course, an exceptionally successful gardener.

We will all be sorry to see Bill leave, but want to wish him all the best in the future. All the best too, to whoever takes over the plot.

Fence Posts

Thanks go to Arshia on Plot 85 for this post and tip-off.

Recently I  have contacted a gentleman (Doug) – who is selling more than 500  1.8m posts through Gumtree (In Dyce, Aberdeen) with the very attractive price ( 0,75p each). I personally got a few of these posts and I am planning to buy more over the next weekend.  I thought maybe plotters might be interested in this opportunity.
Doug said he can even deliver any (bulk) collective order with his own trailer or you can arrange collection from his place.
This is the link to his advert on Gumtree:
I have the seller’s contact details and can share it with you.  Email me for details arshiakhatir [at]


Super Troopers!

It takes a lot more than the odd wintry shower to put off our Tuesday Volunteer Squad.  They got well stuck in today removing the whin bushes on the North Bank by the car park.  Thanks to Gordon, Anne and Mike.

Left to Right: Gordon, Anne and Mike

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