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Kaimhill’s Ace Primary 3/4 Class

Ms Fraser along with Mrs Grant brought their P3/4 class for their first visit to Garthdee field today and they made quite an impact. Their enthusiasm was very catching.

In groups, they enjoyed tattie planting, bean sowing and flower propagation and everyone was impressed with their knowledge gained in their classroom topic, Growing.

Thanks go to all and especially, Stuart, Gill, Jacqui, Phil, Graeme, Anja, Charlotte and Marion for their help on the day.  I think we can safely say, a good time was had by all!

Formula 1 Skills

We had the pleasure of hosting Mrs Maclean’s Primary 3 today.

This is a bit trickier than it looked.


Getting my racing lines right now.


Cracked it!


The Great Garthdee Biodiversity Challenge

We hoped Miss Rennie’s Primary 4/5 Class would rise to the biodiversity treasure hunt challenge and find it fun: and of course they did not disappoint.

Getting to the big message, but where are the boys?

Ah, there they are…

So what’s the big message?

Did we have fun? We sure did!















The Big Garthdee Green Adventure

We enjoyed two visits from the Kaimhill Kids this week.  Mrs Rennie’s Class 4/5 were with us on Wednesday for a work session including veggie sowing and planting out, creating flower baskets for the Octagon and building nesting boxes and bug boxes.  Thanks to Stuart, Gill, Jacqui and Graeme.

Photo Credit: Jacqui Coutts

Photo Credit: Jacqui Coutts

Then on Thursday we had the first running of our new biodiversity treasure hunt with Mr Whimster and Mrs Mellis and their Primary 3 class.  I think we can say a good time was had by all – despite the glum faces during the initial briefing!

Photo Credit: Stuart Oram


Primary School Visit 17 May

We have some more photos from today’s visit on the Galleries Page – visit via the Galleries Link above.  Thanks to Gill, Marion, Jacqui, Rona, Graeme, Phil and Stuart for all their help.

Kaimhill Come Calling

Every day we welcome visitors to Garthdee Field is special, but today was just plain perfect.


Miss Rennie’s Primary Fours were a delight from start to finish and keen to get stuck into tattie planting, seed sowing, pricking out and herb growing.

Thanks go to Marion, Gill, Jacqui and new to the GFAA team, Phil and Graeme.

It’s going to be a good year!

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