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Bargain Seeds for GFAA Members

Remember, there is no need for GFAA members to fret about missing Black Friday bargains.  Our membership of the Dobies Garden Club Scheme means that 40% discounts on seeds and 10% reductions on other purchases are available throughout the year and as often as you like – as long as you quote the GFAA Discount Code when ordering.

Copies of the Catalogue and Code are available in the Octagon.  Please help yourselves.

Order online, by post or by phone – but remember to quote the GFAA code!


Calling All Plotters: Community Sunday


Dear Plotters,

This is a call for this month’s Community Sunday, this Sunday at 11.00 (weather permitting), with coffee/tea and cakes from 12.30 at the Octagon.
There’s plenty to do on site:
– fill potholes
– complete bulb planting at Octagon (partially completed by Volunteers)
– general site tidy
– work to limit puddle collection near bottom bins
– tree trimming, top car park
– etc.
Looking forward to seeing all who can make it for some light work (and the coffee/tea and cakes too),
Best Regards
Michael Hart
Secretary – GFAA

Cheaper Seeds – a new GFAA Benefit

Good news!

GFAA has joined the Dobies Gardening Associations Group Scheme. (Please note: this is Dobies with one ‘b’ and not the Dobbies with the local gardening superstore – as owned by Tesco I hear.)  Under this scheme, our plotters and volunteers ordering from Dobies will receive a 40% discount on seeds and 10% off other purchases.

Additionally, GFAA will benefit by a further 5-10% from all qualifying orders as a boost to our funds.  At a time when we are seeking new ways of finding income sources to sustain our site maintenance activities, we are hopeful this scheme might make a significant contribution – if enough plotters take part.

Easy Ordering and delivery direct to your door

  • GFAA members order personally, by phone, post or online.
  • GFAA provides each member with a paper catalogue and order form – or use the online catalogue.
  • Delivery is direct to the address of the person placing the order.
  • The unique GFAA offer code drives the discount and must be quoted at the time an order is placed.
  • Payment is with the order, by cheque, credit/debit card or PayPal.
  • Top-up orders, of any value, can be made throughout the year and will benefit from the discount.

Please note:

Whether ordering by post using the official order form, or by phone or online you must use the official GFAA order code to qualify for the discounts.  You cannot claim the discount retrospectively after the event.

Copies of the Dobies Catalogue and the Order Form printed with the unique order code will be placed in the Octagon by this weekend.  The padlock combination is the same as for all other GFAA locks.  Please help yourselves to a personal copy of the catalogue and order form – Dobies have provided us with one copy per member.  In case of difficulty please ask a Committee Member for help.

If you prefer to order online from the comfort of your sofa, please use the code from the printed order form or email Norman (gfaawebhelper[at] for the required code – remember, no code, no discount and no exceptions! 

It is one of Dobies Terms and Conditions that we agree NOT to share the GFAA code with non-members.  They state they will cancel our group membership if we do not respect this rule.

Thanks go to Len on Plot 74 for alerting us to this scheme.

So, here’s to many happy hours of catalogue browsing!

AGM Diary Date


Our GFAA AGM will be held this Saturday at 11.00 on the RGU Campus.  The short formal AGM will be followed by an informal General Meeting that will include a talk by Bruce Taylor from Plot 79 entitled, “Soil Health and how to Improve it”.  Bruce has just finished a Masters Degree in Soil Science and has recent approaches and practical experiences to share.

We have moved this AGM to this new time on a Saturday to avoid dragging plotters out on cold, wet, dark evenings as before and are hoping for a big turnout.

See details below.


Diary Date – AGM and General Meeting

Dear plotters

Our AGM and next General Meeting will take place at RGU’s Riverside East Building, Room 346, at 11.00 am on Saturday 4 November. Free parking is available at RGU.
The AGM addresses reports from Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, election of Committee members and amendments to the Constitution. The General Meeting which follows will address general Association business, specifically on-site activities and how these are delivered.
All specific points for agendas should be advised to me by 21st October for inclusion in the detailed agendas which will be circulated two weeks before the AGM/GM.
We look forward to your agenda items and to seeing all who can make it to the meetings,
Best Regards
Michael Hart
Secretary – GFAA

Allotment Life

Thanks go to Pat and Stuart for alerting me to this, Allotment Life, FaceBook group.

I have been following them for a week or so now and they seem a lively, friendly and knowledgeable lot.

I have added a link from our Links Page.  Don’t forget, we have our own FaceBook page!

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