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The volunteer squad strike again…

Not even record temperatures stop Gordon and Grant putting in a shift.

Thanks guys!

CFINE Aberdeen Urgent Appeal

CFINE urgently need long lasting foods- as per the attached poster.  Our friends at Inchgarth Community Centre have asked us to help with this appeal.

You already know that Inchgarth supports and hosts the TLC foodbank, which does an outstanding job for the people of Garthdee and South Aberdeen as a whole, where many of you have been most kind and dropped items off.
I am hoping to tap into your generosity once more for this appeal that shows together, Garthdee organisations, representatives, people and those from city wide services that work with us- truly do care and that we have made a joint impact. After all, isn’t this one of the core reasons we all work together and meet, to meet such challenges head on.
I know you are all really busy, but if you get moment, please do share on all of your social media pages, amongst your colleagues, or nip to Asda or Sainsbury’s in Garthdee, or any other shop, and buy a couple tins of soup, pasta, beans, or any of the items on the list and drop them off at Inchgarth.
Thanks so much for your time and efforts on this matter.

My Harvest – an interesting research activity

My thanks go to Sandy Menzies over at the Slopefield Site for alerting me to this opportunity for plotters.

My Harvest is a university-led UK research project that is looking to recruit individual plotters to help them learn about the contribution allotments make to food production nationally.

In their own words:

The research team at the University of Sheffield are working with members of the public growing food in allotments, gardens and other own-growing spaces across the UK to understand the yield of typical UK staple fruit and vegetable crops.

By providing the team with the area of land you use to grow a crop and the weight of the crop you harvest you would be:

1. Contributing to a first national estimate of own-grown food production in the 21st century.

2. Helping us to understand how much allotment and garden space we need in the future to ensure sufficient access for the growing number of people living in our cities and towns.

The research project has a number of partners:

If you would like to know more, or want to take part, head on over to the My Harvest Homepage.

The hit squad cometh…

We had a special day on site today, thanks to the heroic efforts of a special sponsored volunteer squad, pulled together by Ross from Plot 99A

Left to right: Danny, Ranatta, Victoria, Fiona, Ellie, Ross

They worked tirelessly and managed to complete the weeding of the old wild flower meadow and make a great start on filling the new raised beds with spent compost and leaf mould.  Better still they were great fun to work with and very much up for a laugh.  Best of all – they brought a bit of sunshine and warm weather with them.  About time too!

Our thanks go to the whole team for a fantastic effort and to Ross for organising everything.

Carole Baxter’s Visit

It was a pleasure to welcome Carole on site today.  The warmth of her personality was very much-needed to brighten what was an exceptionally dull, cold day – more like February than April.

Carole was gathering material for her Radio Scotland programme, “Out for the Weekend” which comes out on Friday afternoon.

New site feature – Photo Galleries

Our site has a new photo showing feature.  From now on photo collections will appear via the Galleries link above.  Photos should look better and load faster.  Please let me know how you get on using it.

The first set has some nice photos from our recent Community Sunday – as you see, great fun was had by all and with a good turnout we got lots of valuable things done.  There wasn’t much doubt about who won the Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt! Thanks to all who managed along.

In the meantime the Photos Page link will be left in place as a way of looking back to previous photo collections, but I’ll hope to move them over to the new Galleries area if it proves reliable and popular.

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