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Community Engagement Opportunities

We had the pleasure of welcoming Stephen Bly to Garthdee Field today. Stephen is Aberdeen City Council’s Community Engagement Officer.

It was good to have the opportunity to show Stephen around and tell him something of our efforts and projects to promote active community engagement over recent years.

Better still, Stephen was able to give us all sorts of pointers and leads to possible future community collaborations and activities. Watch this space for details of new projects we hope to see started in the weeks and months ahead.

We are up to our necks in it

StuartWe’ve just received a 10 tonne load of manure from the City Council. The load was dumped at the bottom of the site near Plot 20
Please help yourself but I suggest you take only one or two barrow loads so that as many of our plotters as possible have an opportunity to share the load.
This is in addition to the 15 tonnes of compost we received a week ago so we’re well set up this year for feeding our plots.
We were unable to divert any of the load to the top of the site as the vehicles were too large both for the manure and the compost.

The sweet smell of success?

Dear Plotters
Today ACC has delivered a load of freshly produced compost, which is located in the lowest bin next to the main car park.
You’ll recognise it from its dark colour and mild fragrance.
To share this out among ourselves, can I suggest that any plotholder takes no more than 5 barrow loads?
As this is the first of this compost we have received, it would be helpful if you could let a committee member know of its effectiveness (later in the season).
 If we receive any further delivery from ACC (either compost or manure), please allow those plot holders who did not take from this delivery to have priority access, for up to an overall total of 5 barrow loads per plot.
Happy plotting,
Best Regards
Michael Hart

Spring Flowers

You will remember that we spent one of our Community Sunday’s at the back-end of the year planting 2000 spring bulbs kindly supplied via Aberdeen City Council. Well, it’s been a long, cold wait, but the fruits of our labours are now out for all to see and in their full splendour. They certainly add a lovely splash of colour around our site and bring the promise of better days ahead in the new growing season.

DSC_2615 DSC_2619 DSC_2616 DSC_2617 DSC_2621

A Cleaner, Greener Scotland?

Lorna Graham from Aberdeen city Council has just passed on the latest edition of the Clean Up Scotland – see the link below.

This item caught my eye:


During the months of April and May, we are encouraging people to register a Spring Clean Up, enabling everyone to unite together in a common cause to keep their part of Scotland beautiful. A total of £10 billion a year is spent picking up litter across Europe, with the bill in Scotland amounting to more than a million a week.

Register a Clean Up of your local area with friends and family, work colleagues or your community group at

If you would like further information about our Clean Up Scotland campaign email or call 01786 471333

I wondered if any plotters would like to join a group to tidy our site and its boundaries as a welcome to Spring?  Get in touch is you fancy it.



Sandy and the Tea MakerThe 2014 Aberdeen in Bloom awards were announced recently and congratulations are due to several GFAA plotters. Seven of our association members stepped forward into the competition this year and all received honorary mentions. However, Stuart Oram and Sandy Inkster did exceptionally well, coming First and Third respectively in the City Allotments category.  Hearty congratulations go to both, along with thanks for putting GFAA well and truly on the city map.

StuartWhile none of us needed confirmation of how exceptional Sandy and Stuart’s plots are, it’s still great to see two of our GFAA plotters in the top three of a competition that drew entries from across the city.  Our two winners better not rest on their laurels however, as I hear that several other members are going to enter their plots in the coming season and are already clearing spaces on their mantlepieces to hold their cups and certificates!





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