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IYN Assessor Visit

Jim Henderson, our It’s Your Neighbourhood Assessor, made his first visit to our site today. Luckily, the rain held off for his visit and all involved enjoyed our wee walk around the plots and site.


Jim is a very experienced plotter himself and proved to be full of good stories and ideas which he was very willing to share with us. It was very useful to find out how other plot sites do things and where they find support for their projects and developments.


Jim spent more than an hour with us and left saying how much he had enjoyed his visit. He will deliver his judgement on our efforts in due course. Fingers crossed!

Health and safety lesson

Can I remind all plotters of the importance of following best practice in matters of health and safety.  An unfortunate incident this week came as a timely reminder of the need for vigilance at all times.

Apparently, Shiona from Plot 71a was about to leave with a batch of her spectacular onions when she met Stuart. Ever the gentleman, he offered to lift them into the boot of her car: however, he failed to carry out the approved risk assessment, misjudged the weight by several kilos and did himself a nasty mischief. I hear he left the scene moaning and clutching his back – well, I suppose it might have been worse!

Wow! That's what I call an onion!

Wow! That’s what I call an onion!

As they say – be careful out there.

Thanks to Shiona for the photo, but I should say she is in no way responsible for the story.

Ross Young

Ross Young

Ross Young

I had an interesting visit from Ross Young this week. Ross completed his first degree at Abertay University a couple of years ago and is about to start his PHD at the University of Aberdeen in September. He will study aspects of urban food production and was keen to visit Garthdee Field as one of a number of visits he is making to map examples of local food production sites in and around the city. His studies may focus on the sociological and community aspects of food growing and their contribution to health and well-being.

Ross’s interests in food growing are practical as well as academic: he is a keen gardener with a thriving veggie patch and greenhouse at his family home. Now he will be moving to Aberdeen to work on his PHD he is keen to find a plot he can work on. He is interested in putting his name down for a plot, but in the meantime would be happy to help out on an existing plot as an extra pair of hands.

Ross hopes to stay in touch with us at GFAA and so if you see him about please say hello: if you can take up his offer of help on your plot you can get in touch via me in the first instance.

Before he left Ross took some photos around our site. I think you will agree he has a real eye for a photo.

Stunning Sunflower

Stunning Sunflower

Perfect Day

Perfect Day



RGU Invitation

Mhairi and the team over at the RGU Community Garden Project are holding a little get together at the garden on Thursday, 14th of August from 4 – 6 pm and have kindly extended a welcome to all GFAA plot holders.  Here’s what they have planned – it sounds great!
In full bloom

In full bloom

We are holding a wee bash down at the garden to say hello to new volunteers, say thanks to our more weather worn gardeners and just generally celebrate the lovely spot our community garden has turned into.
Everyone is welcome, including new visitors!
The plan is to hold a pot-luck, so please bring some food or drink if possible; although, we promise not to turn you away at the gate if you turn up empty handed.
You are welcome to come along and simply enjoy the good eats, great company and beautiful surroundings; but for those of you looking to get crafty and creative we will have a range of activities on. Depending on what folk are interested in these can include:
Scarecrow making
Making nettle string
Up-cycling wood pallets
Designing a vertical veg garden
Creating a sculptural centre piece
Wild food/foraging walk
We have said the party will take place between 4 and 6pm but feel free to turn up earlier or stay later if you wish. We will most likely be pottering around in the garden before hand.
Everyone is welcome (very much including other plotters on the site) to get involved, or just pop along and say hi. There will no doubt be a plentiful supply of tea, coffee and baked goods!
The RGU Community Garden is on the plot to the South East of the site – just head for the new and impressive polytunnel!
RGU Community Garden

RGU Community Garden


I have just come across Martina’s Three Part Guide to Composting over on the Recycle for Aberdeen blog. Martina provides a very useful beginner’s guide to the hows and whys of composting.

Part 1 covers the benefits of composting and suitable compost bins.

Part 2 deals with how to feed your compost bin with the right balance of ingredients, combining Green/Wet and Brown/Dry materials.

Part 3 tells you when and how to use your compost and offers a troubleshooting guide if things go wrong.

Composting our green and brown waste is a great way of getting a soil improver free and helps us do our bit to make Aberdeen a little greener by cutting the use of landfill.


Dear Plotters
Just a reminder that TAMS started this week, so if you have surplus fruit, vegetables or flowers, please place these in the large green baskets at the bothy before 1600 – each Thursday from now until the end of the growing season.
UPDATE – please leave contributions by 12.00 noon, Thursdays.
Proceeds from the sale of produce are ploughed back into GFAA.
Greg Welsh and Cath Pilley are still looking for volunteers at the market stall on Fridays (0900-1500) or Saturdays (1030-1530), so if you have time available, please contact them on
Thanks and happy plotting,

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