GFAA events are printed in bold.

Please note that the Royal Horticultural Society Aberdeen’s events are likely to be oversubscribed.

Dates for your Diary

FebFeb 19GFAA Community Sunday
Feb 19RHS Aberdeen Workshop
Gardening for Wildlife
Details via Link
MarchMarch 9FCBG Lecture Scotland's Gardening Women Deborah ReidDetails via Link
March 12RHS Aberdeen Workshop
Sowing and Planting Flower Seeds
Details via Link
March 19GFAA Community Sunday
AprilApril (dates TBC)Council GFAA Plot Audits
April 1/2RHS Aberdeen Spring ShowDuthie Park
April 9RHS Aberdeen Workshop
Planning Vegetable Gardening
Details via Link
April 13FCBG Lecture Researching Scotland's Gardens Marylin BrownDetails via Link
April 16GFAA Community Sunday
April 26Carole Baxter Site VisitCarole will arrive about 10.00am.
April 26First Kaimhill Primary VisitClasses will visit on Wednesdays for the next 10 weeks.
MayMay 11FCBG Lecture Romantic Heritage of Scots Roses Peter BoydDetails via Link
May 13FCBG Plant SaleDetails via link
May 21GFAA Community Sunday
JuneJune 18GFAA Community Sunday
June 25GFAA Early Summer BBQ
June 25RHS Aberdeen Workshop
Herb Gardening
Details va Link
JulyJuly 16GFAA Community SundayActivities likely to focus on IYN Assessment Visit Site Preparations
July 23RHS Aberdeen Workshop
Environment Event
Details via Link
AugAugust 13RHS Aberdeen Workshop Summer Pruning Fruit TreesDetails via Link
August 20GFAA Community SundayActivities likely to focus on IYN Assessment Visit Site Preparations
SeptSept 3GFAA Late Summer BBQ
Sept 10RHS Aberdeen Workshop
Xmas Bulb Planting
Details via Link
Sept 17GFAA Community Sunday
OctOct 8RHS Aberdeen Workshop
Storing Seed and Preserving
Details via Link
Oct 15GFAA Community Sunday
NovNov 12RHS Aberdeen Workshop
Splitting Herbaceous Plants
Details via Link
Nov 19GFAA Community Sunday
DecDec 17RHS Aberdeen Workshop
Christmas Arrangements
Details via Link