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Beechgrove – the Sandy Inkster Show

Did you know that after 40 years, the BBC is about to rename The Beechgrove Garden –   The Sandy Inkster Show.  Well maybe not quite, but after his recent appearance, they really ought to.  What a star!

Episode 2 of the new series brings together Sandy from Plot 89 (which just happens to be his current age, but a birthday ending with a nought is fast approaching) and Carol Baxter: two of our favourite gardeners in the one place – what’s not to like?

If you missed the screening it may still be available via this iPlayer link.  The section with Sandy starts 20 minutes in – clearly, they saved the best for last!


We recently received a very kind donation of pallet wood and other timbers from The Robertson Group.  Some lengths have been set aside to meet a request from Orchard Brae School for a number of raised beds. However, there are some that are surplus to requirements and are now offered to plotters for use on their plots.

These timbers have been placed by the Bothy. Please take what you need and can use immediately.  We are hoping they will be shared around and we are expecting further deliveries in the future.

New Council Gardening Blog

Plotters will be interested to know that Aberdeen City Council now hosts a new Gardening Blog.

The site is hosted by Daniel Shand and promises all sorts of local info and opportunities and is off to a great start in the first episode.

Exciting Find

Stuart and I happened upon two mushroom enthusiasts at the weekend. Nicola Alcorn and Paul Hagan had returned to the public path by our site to check out some mushrooms they had seen before. Nicola has been kind enough to send me this account of their find.

“This fungus has been tentatively identified as Barometer earth star. – scientific name- Astraeus hydrometricus. Usually found on sandy dry soils under mixed broadleaved trees. Identifying features include large brown spores ( under microscopy) outer felty surface and as humidity changes arms of the star ( can be 7,8 or more) will open and close.”

Paul sent this photo:

Photo Credit: Paul Hagan

Further searching revealed a number of other examples along the path edge.


Nicola and Paul have sent photos and a specimen to the national Mycological expert, Liz Holden believing that if they are correct she may send them on to Kew for verification as this may be a first confirmed example in Scotland.

Fingers crossed, Garthdee Field may be on the map as a site of something very special – as well as for its excellent plots and fine veggies of course!  Just as well, perhaps as the Barometer earth stars don’t make for good eating apparently.

Eyes in our Skies

You know the old adage that if you want something done with technology – find a five-year-old?  Well, it turns out that an eleven-year-old and her team can do even better.

Charlotte, Lewis and Amelia (Pilot)

For months now, we have wanted some aerial footage of our site.  Finally, last weekend, Phil on Plot 35 came to our aid, offering the services of his crack drone team.

So, for the first time, sit back, relax and enjoy these eyes in the skies over Garthdee Allotments.  Can you spot your own plot?

Formula 1 Skills

We had the pleasure of hosting Mrs Maclean’s Primary 3 today.

This is a bit trickier than it looked.


Getting my racing lines right now.


Cracked it!


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