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Miracle Compost Maker

Want to add some oomph to your homemade compost? Need to add some extra heat to your pile to kill off those pesky weed seeds?

GFAA plotters can use this super-dooper-compost-enhancer-material entirely free of all charges.

Feel free to collect as much as you like every week after George cuts the grass. Or if you prefer, it’s available for only £49.95 per barrow load with free delivery to your plot.

Seed Potatoes Available

We have a goodly number of nicely chitted seed tatties available for plotters to use. Varieties include: Blue Danube, Rooster, and two types of Sarpo. These are available from the Seed Swop area in the Octagon. Please help ourselves.

Club 10 Return

The Club 10 Group returned for their first visit of the new season this week.

We had a cracking game of football just to warm us up for the serious business of soil preparation and seed sowing in the raised beds. the group will be back over the summer and at the end of the season to harvest their crops.

Thanks go to the plotters who managed along to help out.

Scarecrow Pete casts his spell

We had a great visit from the Primary 3/4 kids from Kaimhill Primary today.

As always the kids enjoyed their tattle planting, veggie transplanting and flower seed sowing.

Thanks go to all of the GFAA team who turned out to help.

Volunteers Ahoy!

Our Volunteer Squad enjoyed a couple of days off site recently helping clear and tidy a garden in Peterculter.

In return the householder was happy to donate a small greenhouse and shed for GFAA use, so it was a case of a real win-win for all concerned. Big thanks go to Stephen Bly, Aberdeen City Council’s Community Engagement Officer for making this possible and all of the arrangements and especially to George on Plot 3 for dropping this own plans to come and give us a hand with the moves yesterday.

The Bonfire in Figures

The annual Spring bonfire was completed safely and successfully yesterday.


The figures:

Total fire-feeding hours – 7.5 (09.30 – 17.00)
Number of helpers – 10
Step count per helper – 15,000+ (as actually recorded!)
Carloads of inappropriate waste removed – 2 (why?)
The tonnage of stuff burned – 100+ (well, that’s how it felt anyway!).

Big, big thanks go to those who turned out to help and to Hazel (Plot 66B) for the fantastic lunchtime sausage rolls and cupcakes.

The ash will be cool enough to move in a few days. Please help yourselves to some – excellent for your fruit bushes, strawberries etc.

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