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Raymond the Jungle Tamer

How do you fancy taking on a plot looking like this?

Not for the faint-hearted eh?  Luckily, cometh the hour, cometh – Raymond the Jungle Tamer.  Just look at what Raymond (Domeracki) has achieved on Plot 95A in just a few months and during the worst winter weeks since 2010.


Congratulations Raymond – what a fantastic effort!

All Quiet on the Western Front

Pretty quiet on all fronts actually.  There was not so much as a deer’s footprint to disturb the virgin snow today – far less a plotter’s wellie tred.

Feathered Friends

These little visitors have certainly helped brighten up some cold, miserable days of late.  Am I right in thinking we have a Greenfinch? Goldfinches? and Sparrow?

These photos were taken with GFAA’s long-lensed camera – the Nikon Coolpix P900.  Remember, any GFAA member can borrow it to take photos for the website. Details below.

Coolpix P900 Camera

RHSA Gardening Workshops

The carpenters cometh…

Big thanks today to our volunteers, Anja and Gordon for their time and efforts on the carpentry front.  Great job guys!

Getting digging at last

The Volunteer Squad were delighted to be able to get some digging done today when finally the ground frost relented and let us get our spades into action. It was great too to welcome Graham from Plot S1 to his first session with us.

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