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Blown away by AGM

I want to thank everyone who turned up to make our AGM and General Meeting such successes today.  I am still buzzing with the ideas raised in discussions.  Or perhaps it’s from the free-flowing prosecco!

It was wonderful to see so many there and to get such positive messages and suggestions.  Wonderful too to get the two vacant places on our Committee filled with willing nominees from the floor.  My thanks and congratulations to Alex and Gillie.

Special thanks go to Bruce for his very interesting talk, Soil: and how to improve it. We hope to get a copy online in the next week or so for the benefit of those you could not make it along today.

Thanks too to Michael and Jacqui for the excellent cakes.  I expect we will see them on Britain’s got Baking Talent next year.  So, thanks again everyone.  Clearly, we are going to need a bigger room from now on!

AGM Diary Date


Our GFAA AGM will be held this Saturday at 11.00 on the RGU Campus.  The short formal AGM will be followed by an informal General Meeting that will include a talk by Bruce Taylor from Plot 79 entitled, “Soil Health and how to Improve it”.  Bruce has just finished a Masters Degree in Soil Science and has recent approaches and practical experiences to share.

We have moved this AGM to this new time on a Saturday to avoid dragging plotters out on cold, wet, dark evenings as before and are hoping for a big turnout.

See details below.


Diary Date – AGM and General Meeting

Dear plotters

Our AGM and next General Meeting will take place at RGU’s Riverside East Building, Room 346, at 11.00 am on Saturday 4 November. Free parking is available at RGU.
The AGM addresses reports from Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, election of Committee members and amendments to the Constitution. The General Meeting which follows will address general Association business, specifically on-site activities and how these are delivered.
All specific points for agendas should be advised to me by 21st October for inclusion in the detailed agendas which will be circulated two weeks before the AGM/GM.
We look forward to your agenda items and to seeing all who can make it to the meetings,
Best Regards
Michael Hart
Secretary – GFAA

General Meeting Minutes (November)

Dear Plotters
Please find attached the minutes of the Annual General Meeting and General Meeting held on 11th November 2015 at RGU Faculty of Health and Social Care.
Please direct any queries on the content, in the first instance, to me.
You will notice that a quorum was not achieved for the AGM, as required in the Constitution. However, as no resolutions were posted for discussion, the Committee proposed that this AGM would lapse, and the next AGM will take place a year hence.
Best Regards
Michael Hart
Secretary, GFAA

Annual General Meeting & General Meeting

Garthdee Field Allotments Association

The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held at the Robert Gordon University Faculty of Health and Social Care, Garthdee Road, Aberdeen on Wednesday 12th November 2014 at 7-00pm followed by a General Meeting.

                                               AGM  AGENDA

1       Welcome and Apologies

2       Minutes of last AGM held on 13th Nov 2013

3       Chairman’s Report

4       Treasurer’s Report

5     Secretary’s Report

6     Election of Management Committee

       The present Committee is :-

Chairman – Stuart Oram

Secretary – Michael Hart

Treasurer – Ranald Cameron

Member 1 – Norman Coutts

Member 2 – Dawn Cormack

Member 3 – George Tulloch

Member 4 – Rupert Hunt

Member 5 – Ian Shand

Member 6 – Michael Fairhurst

Positions for re-election are Secretary and ordinary members 3 and 4. Member

Position 3 is George Tulloch and Position 4 is Rupert Hunt. Rupert will be           relinquishing his position as he is leaving the area. This means position 4 is vacant.

(Please note that nominations for Committee membership other than the incumbent must have a proposer and one seconder)

7       AOB


Agenda for General Meeting Wednesday 12th November 2014 to be held at the Robert Gordon University Faculty of Health and Social Care, Garthdee Road, Aberdeen immediately following the AGM

1 Welcome and Apologies

2   Minutes of meeting held on 20th August 2014

3 Association funds

4 Website Update and proposed Newsletter

5 Update on the Community Garden

6 Preparation of Primary School Plot

7 Its Your Neighbourhood

8 Britain in Bloom

9 Allotment Market Stall

10 Community Sunday

11 AOB


GFAA invitation to the General Meeting on 13/11/2013

Hi All,

The AGM of the Garthdee Field Allotments Association will be held at the Robert Gordon University Faculty of Health and Social Care, Garthdee Road, Aberdeen on Wednesday 13th November 2013 at 7-00pm followed immediately after by a General meeting. The relevant Agendas and previous minutes are attached.

We hope you will be able to attend and look forward to seeing as many as possible on Wednesday the 13th Nov.

On behalf of GFAA Committee,

Stuart Oram
Chairman GFAA

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