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Our Orchard Brae Project

Orchard Brae is a new school and nursery in Aberdeen, designed especially for pupils with additional support needs.

A number of weeks ago we were approached, asking if we could perhaps help with the development of their Nursery School garden.

Today we got a squad in place to make a start.  The re-seeding of the grassy areas in the playground was identified as a priority.

We had a good day, in great company, but in the heat, it was pretty hard going. We are going to have to make at least one return visit.  If you could spare a couple of hours to help out over the next few weeks, please see Stuart or me.

Thanks to Mike and Gordon, and especially Ron, who came along at short notice to lend a hand.

Sandy’s Birthday Day Two

It was a matter of have your cake and eat it over at Heather’s Plot today.

No sign of the champagne mind you! We are a very sober lot on Garthdee field apparently.  Mind, you listening to our singing maybe not.

Here’s to the Birthday Boy

Sandy is 90 today.  That would be 90 going on 19 I guess.  Around here he will always be Pick of the Crop and Best in Show.  Here’s wishing Sandy many, many happy returns.

Little beauty

I spotted this little beauty on one of my wanders around our site yesterday.

What a tonic!

Updates June 2018

Two important updates have recently been added to our Advice Pages. The new pages deal with:

Plotters are asked to take note.

The all new, improved Octagon

Sharp-eyed plotters will have noticed the Octagon is sporting a fresh coat of paint. Thanks go to the painters.

There were hopes early on that a colour scheme of alternating stripes of Meconopsis Blue and Primrose Yellow might be entertained, but apparently, some plotting convention requires all painting to be done in drab green or battleship grey.

From left to right: Mike, Norman, Gordon, Monet, George and Stuart

To be honest, the end-result still looks pretty stunning!



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