If you are new and need some help to get going, feel free to approach any neighbouring (or far-flung) plotter for help and advice. We are all in the same game of trying to grow things a bit better and we all learn from each other.

In addition, GFAA operates a system of plotters’ buddies or representatives.  Buddies are experienced (you will notice I did not say successful!) plotters and committee members who can offer advice and give plotters a voice at committee meetings if they are not able to come along themselves.

If you have concerns or problems, or take issue with how things are being run, or better still, have suggestions about how things could be done better, please let your buddy/rep know.  We want to hear from you.

It is also a good idea to let your buddy/rep know if changes in your circumstances are going to make it difficult for you to look after your plot in the next wee while.  If they know, they can make your situation known to Council assessors before plot visits and status reviews.

The buddies at present are:

Gill on Plot 64

Gill Earle – plots – 47-66B

Email: g.earl20 at bt internet.com




Vinny on Plot 33

Vinny Goss – plots 27-46

Email: vinnygoss123 at iCloud.com




Stuart on Plot 8

Stuart Oram – plots 1/26

Email: cstuartoram at yahoo.com




Norman on Plot 81

Norman Coutts – plots 67-86

Email: gfaawebhelper at gmail.com




Michael on Plot 88

Michael Hart  – plots 88-100

Email: pmi.hart4 at gmail.com