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Say hello to Priscilla …

Priscilla is our latest volunteer and is now a regular visitor on site.

Priscilla is from Nigeria and holds a Masters Degree in botany: she was keen to volunteer to gain hands on experience of growing.  You may have seen Priscilla and Ella, her one-year-old, helping out around the site.  Priscilla is a regular on Saturday mornings and comes along other days as she can manage.  Be sure to say hello next time you see her.

Grace Bales – our latest volunteer

We welcomed our latest volunteer site helper on site today.  Grace Bales, from the USA, is a student at the University of Aberdeen. She has an interest in organic growing and working outside and sought us out for an opportunity to get away for a while from the academic ‘bubble’ of the university – in Grace’s own words.  Judging by today’s efforts, Grace will be a real asset for us.

Grace’s first day could have gone a lot better.  We were all set to meet her on arrival, our best laid plans went wrong and we missed her completely.  Far from being phased, Grace took matters into her own hands and, with a little help from Dod on Plot 21, fixed herself up with a shovel and barrow and set about filling potholes for the rest of the afternoon.   I think this is what Americans call a, ‘can-do attitude!’  Luckily, Michael spotted her at work and headed over to lend a hand.

Grace will be on site on Wednesdays from about lunchtime.  She hopes to pick up gardening skills and is willing to help around the wider site or on plots.  If you see her about in the weeks ahead, please go over and say hello.

A very special Community Sunday

Today’s Community Sunday saw our best ever turnout with plotters, volunteers and friends from the Macmillan and RGU plots all well represented.  As a result we got a bucketload of tasks done on the wider site.

IMG_0360 IMG_0361 IMG_0362 IMG_0363 IMG_0365

Sincere thanks to everyone who made it along and turned in such a wonderful team effort and to the bakers for the affa fine cakes.  Gold medals all round!

Meet Magda our new volunteer

We continue to attract volunteer helpers on the GFAA site.  The latest is Magda Borek.

IMG_0328 (1)

Magda learned her gardening first in her native Poland, working alongside her Grandmother.  She will offer any help she can around our site, but will be pleased to hear from any plotter needing a hand to look after their plot.  In the meantime Madga will be helping out with site maintenance, working a patch on Plot 81 and a vacant raised bed down by the Orchard.  I am sure we will all offer her a big welcome to GFAA.

New Volunteer: Graham Barron

We are pleased to welcome Graham to our growing band of volunteers on site.  Graham is local to Garthdee and found us through our involvement with ACVO.

IMG_0223 (1)

Graham is now a regular on site, having visited a couple of times most weeks for the last couple of months. He has not yet decided if he will want a plot of his own, but Graham is happy to help out with site maintenance, tidying up around the trees, moving wood chips, repairing paths and lately, raking up leaves.


If you see Graham about on site, please come over and say hello. Or, if you have a project in mind on your plot you would like him to help with, please get in touch.