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TAMS Success

Our first TAMS collection for the new season got off to a super start today with a haul of rhubarb, blackcurrants, gooseberries, beans, swedes and kale set out for pick up.

Thanks to all who contributed and volunteered surplus stuff.  Remember TAMS collect every Thursday at 15.00 and net profits come back to GFAA to help fund our site maintenance activities.

It’s TAMS Time

The Allotment Market Stall (TAMS) project is about to start its collections for the new season.

TAMS collects any surplus produce plotters want to see go to a good cause and sells it over the weekend.  The profits generated are then returned to GFAA as a contribution to our running costs.  It’s a real win-win arrangement.  Leave your contributions by the Bothy please.

If you have stuff on your plot you want to donate but find it difficult to get down to put it out for TAMS collection drop an email to webhelper [at] gmail.com and we will arrange for the volunteer squad to pick it up and put it in place – but please be specific about what is to be taken!


TAMS Dividend for 2016

The TAMS – The Allotment Market Stall Project team have been in touch to tell us that we contributed more than ever to their collections and sales this season and so earned a gross dividend of £381.62 which means our GFAA funds benefit to the tune of £286.21 net after the usual deduction to support the TAMS operations.  Needless to say, this makes a great and regular contribution to our funds for essential site maintenance.  Huge thanks are due to all who contributed surplus produce over the year.



The Allotment Market Stall 2016

TAMS is now open for business for the new season!  In case you have forgotten, TAMS – The Allotment Market Stall – is a charity that collects surplus produce from allotment sites and sells them at stalls in and around the city, returning any profit to the providing allotment associations.  Last year we made well over £100 for our funds via TAMS.

TAMS collects from our site on Thursday of each week.  If you would like to donate please leave your contributions in the containers provided outside the Bothy by Thursday lunchtime.  If you can’t get down to your plot at that time, let Norman or me know and we will collect the materials for you and pass them on. Please be specific as to what we should take.

Tip!  Apparently rhubarb is a big seller.  Perhaps you have some going spare?  Let us know and we will collect and pass it on for you.

We got very lucky with today’s BBQ and the weather stayed fine for the duration.  GFAA was pleased to welcome friends from TAMS and The Macmillan Charity on the day.  The raffle and donations on the day raised £210 for Macmillan funds.  Special thanks go to Gill for all her hard work organising things.