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CFINE Aberdeen Urgent Appeal

CFINE urgently need long lasting foods- as per the attached poster.  Our friends at Inchgarth Community Centre have asked us to help with this appeal.

You already know that Inchgarth supports and hosts the TLC foodbank, which does an outstanding job for the people of Garthdee and South Aberdeen as a whole, where many of you have been most kind and dropped items off.
I am hoping to tap into your generosity once more for this appeal that shows together, Garthdee organisations, representatives, people and those from city wide services that work with us- truly do care and that we have made a joint impact. After all, isn’t this one of the core reasons we all work together and meet, to meet such challenges head on.
I know you are all really busy, but if you get moment, please do share on all of your social media pages, amongst your colleagues, or nip to Asda or Sainsbury’s in Garthdee, or any other shop, and buy a couple tins of soup, pasta, beans, or any of the items on the list and drop them off at Inchgarth.
Thanks so much for your time and efforts on this matter.

Tool Time

We have some new additions to our stock of tools which can be borrowed by any plotter.

These were very kindly donated by Anne, an Aberdeen resident who is soon to move into a new home where she will no longer need them. Anne contacted us via the website.

The tools are now available in the GFAA tool store by the micro plots. Ask any plotter if you need to know access details.   The pots and trays have been left by the bothy for uplift by anyone who can use them.

Cometh the hour cometh ….

Our Community Sunday activities got off to a rather chaotic start today , with the usual suspects in very frisky and somewhat indisciplined form.  Peter for one seemed to be re-living a past experience of some peasant revolt or other.


Luckily, once he was done resting his fork, Phil stepped in, quickly establishing his front-line HQ and demonstrating strong and stable leadership (where have I heard this phrase before?) he started issuing orders to the troops from his mobile management communications device.

He soon had the team whipped into shape. As you can see this made a world of difference.

The phrase, Dads’ Army meets the Women’s Land Army somehow springs to mind. However, great progress was made on the Wild Flower Area Mark II and it was a great pleasure to welcome Priscilla and her family on site.

All in all it was another great Community Sunday.  Thanks to all who pitched up and apologies to those (many) others who yet again missed out on getting their photos taken.



Community Sunday


The weather seems to be set fair, so we are hoping for a bumper turnout for this week’s Community Sunday – 21 May.

Coming along is a great way to meet other plotters and get up to date with what’s going on around our site.  We have a lot happening right now and many helping hands make for light work.

I hope we will see the regulars and some new faces on the day.  As always, there will be coffee and cake (about 12.30) in the sunshine and plenty opportunities for a natter during and after the activities.