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Community Funday April 2018

At last, the weather relented and we managed to run our first Community Sunday of the year – and what a great day it was.  Thanks to all who managed along.


Faster Grandad Faster!

Photo Credit: Phil Wilkie

Fit a bonnie bonfire!

Once Stuart got the idea that triangles need three legs, today’s bonfire got off to a blazing start.

After that, we got on like a house on fire.

Apologies are due to all of those who came to help, but were not captured on film.  Let’s just say the photographer got caught up in the heat of the moment.

We did manage to catch sight of Gordon, our volunteer who came along to help, making this four days this week he has been helping out. Ashley gets the ‘Best Boots of the Day’ award.

So, with so many hands to help we shifted the entire collection of stuff and finished with a cup of well-earned coffee just after twelve noon.  The Committee send their sincere thanks to everyone who helped.

The best news of all is that we get to do it all again tomorrow for Community Sunday and the weather is set fair again.  This is more like it!


South Bank in Spring

Our South Bank matures with each passing season and is beginning to look just great this Spring.


Thanks go to Michael on Plot 88, our plotters and volunteers for all their efforts and to Aberdeen City Council for their kind donation of spring bulbs over several years.


River Dee Trust Tree Planting Event

Calum Hislop from the River Dee Trust has been in contact to flag up this up-coming community opportunity.

The River Dee Trust as part of its river bank improvements is planning a significant tree planting event on the 27th April on the land behind Sainsburys.

I am getting in touch to ask if you or any of your membership would like to get involved.

The event is being organised as a community event with support from the River Dee Trust. The Scottish Woodland Trust, and the AWPR fund. Sainsburys are also offering to support the event with hot drinks and snacks.

I will forward promotional material as it is produced but thought it a good idea to flag the event up to in advance.

Macmillan Appeal

This appeal arrived from Esther at Macmillan Cancer Charity this week. I hope all plotters will look to see if they can help.

Hi Stuart

I hope you are well and things will soon be picking up for all the allotment holders as the lighter nights are upon us

Our Volunteers and participants will be planning this year’s growing and planting for the allotment and intend to be there this Saturday morning after what has been a very long winter. The Garthdee Fields allotments are an ideal environment and the folks who attend had lovely produce they cultivated last year.

This is to give you their wish list in case any mutual sharing of supplies is possible . This year they want to plant early potatoes, peppers , tomatoes, any other fruit and vegetables from seeds and plants. Also Growmore, wooden stakes and any old garden or hand tools no longer needed would be most helpful. We would be really appreciative of any excess or donated items and I’m sure the gardeners will be around more often from now on.

Thank you so much for all your support,
Warm regards

Esther Milne
Macmillan Support Assistant

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