We are going up in flames!

There will be a bonfire this Sunday morning at 10.00 am, to which you are all cordially invited.
The bonfire will take place in the upper (North) car park, so please park at either of the southern car parks on this day.

Ash from the bonfire (rich in potash) will be available on a first-come, first-served basis next week, after it has cooled and been tidied up.

This note is also a LAST CALL for WASTE WOOD for the bonfire. Please ensure it is piled on the heap at the North Car Park before 10.00 this Sunday.

Happy bonfire and good plotting, Michael

Photos galore

Weeds? Who you gonna call?

I have just added some photos from yesterday’s Community Sunday to the photos Page – view via the Photos link at the top of the page.

Over recent weeks some new pages and info have been added via the links above and you may want to check them out.

Please email me if you find any howlers.

Community Sunday March 2017

Thanks to everyone who managed along today and made this one of our best turnouts ever.  With so many hands on site we got an amazing amount of work done.  The sandwiches, cake and coffee were excellent too!  If you missed out this time we look forward to seeing you on April 16 for Community Sunday 2.

Feeding the 5000

Grace Bales – our latest volunteer

We welcomed our latest volunteer site helper on site today.  Grace Bales, from the USA, is a student at the University of Aberdeen. She has an interest in organic growing and working outside and sought us out for an opportunity to get away for a while from the academic ‘bubble’ of the university – in Grace’s own words.  Judging by today’s efforts, Grace will be a real asset for us.

Grace’s first day could have gone a lot better.  We were all set to meet her on arrival, our best laid plans went wrong and we missed her completely.  Far from being phased, Grace took matters into her own hands and, with a little help from Dod on Plot 21, fixed herself up with a shovel and barrow and set about filling potholes for the rest of the afternoon.   I think this is what Americans call a, ‘can-do attitude!’  Luckily, Michael spotted her at work and headed over to lend a hand.

Grace will be on site on Wednesdays from about lunchtime.  She hopes to pick up gardening skills and is willing to help around the wider site or on plots.  If you see her about in the weeks ahead, please go over and say hello.

Lost and Found

The volunteer squad were working down by the raised beds on our South side today when sharp-eyed Gordon spotted these glasses someone had dropped.

The glasses are still in very good condition and we have left them on the raised bed closest to the site entrance, nestled nicely on a bed of chives and awaiting collection by their owner.