Randall MacLennan

Some sad news.

We’re sorry to announce the passing on 31 October of another long-serving plotter. Randall (Plot 94B) took on plot 94 in 1989 but for several years before that he helped his father-in law Norman McLeod who held the plot. Randall was kind-hearted, loved the outdoors and had a soft spot for all birds and animals many of whom he rescued when they were hurt or in distress.


He grew some fine produce in his time and when I had just started plotting I would occasionally come across a bag of quality carrots and the like hanging on the handle of our front door. Perhaps it made me a little jealous but it inspired me to emulate his example. He was 77 and latterly suffered from a very aggressive form of Alzheimer’s.


Recycling Plant Pots and Seed Trays

Some recent news from Pat at the Council:

Please find information detailed below via Adrian Atkinson, Representative, Holburn Street, to share with the plotters at your sites.

You may be aware that the Council has started to roll-out mixed recycling facilities and this includes some things that couldn’t previously be recycled locally – including ‘plastic pots, tubs and trays’. I’ve checked with the ACC waste team and this includes plastic plant pots and trays so they can now be recycled rather then put into rubbish for landfill. The new service is currently being rolled out for premises that have on-street recycling/rubbish bins – i.e. flats and tenements, with individual houses to follow at a later date but it does mean that you might have a mixed recycling bin nearby (as we do in Ferryhill) that you could use. Check this link for more details.




Pat Wilson
Project Support Officer

TAMS Dividend for 2016

The TAMS – The Allotment Market Stall Project team have been in touch to tell us that we contributed more than ever to their collections and sales this season and so earned a gross dividend of £381.62 which means our GFAA funds benefit to the tune of £286.21 net after the usual deduction to support the TAMS operations.  Needless to say, this makes a great and regular contribution to our funds for essential site maintenance.  Huge thanks are due to all who contributed surplus produce over the year.



Success Story – IYN

We were delighted to hear this last week that GFAA retained our “Outstanding” grading within the It’s Your Neighbourhood national assessment exercise this year.  Here are some of the things our assessors had to say about our efforts and projects:

“The energetic and innovative Garthdee Field Allotment Association members work tirelessly to improve and develop their site whilst engaging with a range of partners and funders. The site is a model of good practice, with meticulous planning and execution.”


Our assessors also noted these areas of special achievement:

  •  The ambitious south bank project – a major undertaking which is developing successfully.
  •  The drive and enthusiasm of the committee and members to keep moving forward and introducing new projects to enhance their site.
  • The wide range of partnerships and networking which brings welcome funding, supports different sectors of the community, and secures the viability and sustainability of the site.
  • The use of social media to publicise the work of the group and keep members and volunteers informed of progress. 

    We were also pleased that the assessors noted an overall improvement in the condition of many of our plots and recognised this with a higher score for gardening than we have been awarded in the past.  Thanks are due to all of our plotters who contributed by looking after their own plots and helping with work on verges and paths and around the site generally.  Likewise, this year we have had more help from plotters on Community Sundays and from our small, but growing band of volunteers from ACVO and the wider community.

A copy of the full report is attached – iyn-garhdee-2016